SportsNov 28, 7 months ago
Keith Black Friday
Happy Keith Black Friday. Ohhhh yeahhhh baby. Ohhh helllllll yeahhh. It’s Fryday Fryday Gotta eat lunch on Fryday Everyone looking forward to the weekend The famous day we all know to love. The classic Fryday. The day that is good and we know t...
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Combat SportsJun 30, 5 days ago
The Death of Perro Aguayo Jr.
The Death of Perro Aguayo Jr. The importance of real coverage in a fake world. Professional wrestling is fake. It is fiction. That fiction is combined with athletics to create a form of entertainment that is unlike any other. It is a form of entertai...
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Pop CultureNov 28, 7 months ago
King Lear Essay
What makes King Lear so difficult to read is also what makes it so compelling. King Lear is about reaching a bottom. It was described in class as similar to the events of the terrorist attacks on 9/11. (Salisbury, class discussion, Oct. 27, 2014 – ...
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